October 21, 2014

Days 12-14: ABFOL 31 Day Purge

Here's the next round of A Bowl Full of Lemons' 31 Day Purge!  Our post for today is following the tips and tricks for Days 12-14.

Day 12: Purge your medications.
While I absolutely LOVE our organization for our medicine cabinet which was one of the first projects I ever created from Pinterest, I am bad about going through often enough and checking expiration dates.

Here's how we organize.  The containers are from Walmart and I just wrote on labels for the main categories that made sense to me which were Pain/Fever, Eyes/Ear/Nose/Throat, Stomach, Bailey's (children's), and then a larger box of the same set for general vitamins and antiseptics and the dog's medicines.  Then we have a small 3 drawer container that holds band-aids, ointments, and droppers/syringes (this is from when Bailey was much younger).
Please don't mind the mess on the other shelves...that's a to do for another day :/

Here's what was expired and needed to be tossed.  By the way, I did this before we moved into this house a year ago...

Day 13: Purge your game boards. 
Luckily this didn't apply to us.  We are still gathering up games as Bailey gets older.

Day 14: Purge your books.
Sadly this time, again it doesn't apply to us.  Bailey is the only one out of the 3 of us who really has a collection of books.  Adam has a couple in his nightstand and with his keepsakes, but we will be keeping those.  I have a couple that I want to read just haven't gotten around to it.

I hope you are still enjoying your purge, and as always, thanks for stopping by!
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October 20, 2014

Days 8-11: ABFOL 31 Day Purge

So sorry it's been so long since I have made a post, but life has really been getting in the way lately. :)  So I'm back today to do the next set (that I have ready) of the A Bowl of Lemons 31 Day Purge.  Here's where we are for Days 8-11!

Day 8: Purging your vehicle.
Well sadly, I don't have anything to update for this one which is why it's been holding me up.  Finding some new organization to my Suburban to help keep it clean and tidy has been high up on my to do list.  However, it's not the top and it's going to take me a little while to get it where I want it so instead of spending a little time half doing it now, I'm making the decision to wait and do this one later.  However, once I do have this done I'll definitely update y'all on how I organize our "mommy-mobile".

Day 9: Purging your bathroom cabinets.
This is something we actually did about a month ago!  We have 2 full baths and one half bath so I'm going to show you 2 out of the 3 because one is still in the works for a full reveal...our guest bath!

In our downstairs half bathroom vanity cabinet, we keep extra large bottles of cleaner, extra paper towels, extra hand soap, and extra air freshener.  This is really just for well extras. :)
In our master bathroom, we have 2 vanities.  One is "my" area and one is "Adam's" area.  Here's what I've got in "mine".  In the left side drawers, I keep my weekly beauty products or more often needed products and my hair tools that I use most often.

In the middle cabinet part, I keep my larger "weekly/often" need beauty products like fingernail polish remover and self tanner on one side.  On the other side, I keep a cleaning caddy I got at Walmart for around $5 with our bathroom cleaners.  This has been so handy to keep our bathrooms clean.  I tend to want to clean them when a cleaning bug bites me (almost always at a totally random time) so I like having those cleaners upstairs and altogether so I'm not running around trying to grab everything.
In the right side drawers, we have our teeth products like extra toothpaste, floss, and whitener and our bathroom accessories we aren't hanging until we redo the bathroom.

In the vanity Adam uses, we haven't organized because we will soon (hopefully) be taking it out when we redo our master bath.  It just keeps random dog stuff, his extras, and apparently another FULL bottle of toilet cleaner...  Thanks to the purge I found it!

Day 10: Purging your bills.
This is one we are trying to be good about, but sometimes we let the papers pile up.  I have opted to have a lot of our bills electronic notification and e-statements only to save paper and it's one less thing for me to recycle.  Did you know a lot of companies are actually charging small fees to mail paper statements now??

We organize bills we need to keep though in our filing cabinet next to our desk.  As of right now, I have had all our bills cleaned out so we don't have a picture of anything needing to be purged.
I'll also be posting our command center soon...hopefully!

Day 11: Purging your freezer.
This is something I'm so bad about keeping organized because when we bought our house, we adopted the oversize french door, bottom extra deep freezer with it.  Our old fridge was a regular sized side by side and I had used plastic containers from Walmart to organize the shelves.  So this purge made me finally get to finding a way to organize our new freezer!


Here's my inspiration:
Source A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

We still don't have any containers in the bottom but I have organized the top by smoothie stuff and ice cream and the bottom by open bags of non-meat items on the left and meat items on the right.  We are blessed to have our side by side out in the garage which is where we keep our unopened veggies, extras of different items, and meat we aren't going to use right away.

PS If you haven't seen my refrigerator organization post check that out {here} for supplies and {here} for tips!

I hope you enjoyed this round of purging (make sure to follow ABFOL on Instagram and tag your purge photos with her hashtage!), and as always, thanks for stopping by!
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October 14, 2014

DIY Bed Redo

Have I told y'all how awesome my dad is?  Well he's pretty amazing and a fabulous furniture builder.  He actually used to see the furniture he made, but now just makes it randomly...and mostly for me :)

We have been so blessed to get to have multiple pieces of his creations throughout our house like...

Bailey's dress up cabinet!
Our entertainment stand!
And our bed!

He actually built this bed for me before Adam and I moved into our first apartment together.  In college, they had bought a mattress and boxsprings for me and my Meme and Grandpa Doug had given me a bed frame, but that's where the actually bed ended.  So my dad built the frame of the bed and my Meme and I covered the headboard...for the first time.

Initially it was this white striped satin sheet that we covered around the padding.

Then when I found out Adam never even liked that fabric, I recovered it in burlap.

We knew that the burlap needed to go (it was stained and stretched from use and moving), so we finally decided to also redo the rails too!

Together, we chose this awesome faux leather upholstery fabric from Hobby Lobby (and I used my 40% off coupon!).  To change out the headboard, I just took off the old burlap and stapled on the new faux leather fabric.  This is pretty easy to do with just one person unless you have too much fabric like I did and need someone to hold the fabric while you cut the excess off.
I also took the trim detailing my dad added to the railing off because we wanted something a little simpler and it would just be easy since I was going to restain the rails to touch up some scuffs.  Then I just picked up some Rustoleum Stain in Kona.  It is a beautiful deep brown/black that warmed up the original stain so nicely.
We let those dry for about a week...simply because Adam went out of town for work and then I went out of town to visit family.  It was totally dry though in a couple days.

Then we just picked up some new L brackets, drilled those into the headboard and rails so that we would have a secure fit and popped the mattress back on!  PS In case you're wondering, we have the i8 mattress from Sleep Number and it's ahhhhhmazing!  Thats why the base looks like that and that's what that white box with the tubes coming out of it is. :)
I am sooo happy with how our bedroom is finally looking and love the duvet cover and shams we got from Ikea...see that post {here}!
And here's our little cutting machine helper :)
Hope you enjoyed this DIY adventure, and as always, thanks for stopping by!
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October 13, 2014

Days 6-7 of ABFOL Purge: Make Up Purge

Day 6's purge is all about tossing that expired and unused make-up.  This is a tough one for me.  I have a pretty extensive make up collection (yes collection) for just the average person.  However, I managed to part with quite a bit, some that I have been holding on to since high school and some that I just wasn't using but wasn't expired.  That usually happens when I take someone's recommendation and it just doesn't work out for my skin tone, face shape, eye shape, etc.  So those I took with me back home and let my family dig through what they wanted :)

Here's what I got rid of...
I didn't have a ton of expired or old make up but enough that this helped to weed out the old (the pile on the left).  The box on the right is full of stuff that I haven't been using, have multiples of or just didn't work on me.

Day 7's purge is all about shoes!  Once again out with the old!  One of my very first posts on the blog was about my dressing room which you can see {here}.  I have converted our 4th bedroom (and the smallest of the 4) into my super girly dressing room.  In that room, I have 2 bookshelves that have become shoe shelves.  These were totally full and now that I have gotten rid of the ones I am not wearing (along with some sandals that I keep in an over the door holder in the closet), I have room for new shoes!  :)
As you can see I'm quite a few days behind, but hopefully I will be able to catch up soon!  Remember to follow A Bowl Full of Lemons to find out what to purge and all her awesome tips and tricks every day this month!
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