April 28, 2015

Vintage Rustic Nursery: Part 2 The Dresser

Today I want to share with y'all a little bit about the dresser for Baby Berry's nursery.  As I mentioned in the last nursery post {here}, we purchased the Ikea Hemnes dresser in White Stain.  I had a feeling this was going to take a while to put together because it comes in 3 boxes...yes 3!  But I had no idea how long...
Ikea Hemnes 8-drawer Dresser

So take this as more of a warning.  While I do absolutely love this dresser and it fits with the design of this room perfectly, it was a time consumer to assemble.  I decided to try to do as much as I could by myself while Adam was at band rehearsal.  NOTE!  In case you didn't know, Adam has started a new country band where we live and they have their first show this weekend!!  I am so excited to finally hear them all together because they rehearse at the drummer's house and I haven't been able to hear them.

Ok back to your regular programming, I want to give you a few pieces of advice if you purchase this dresser.

Tip 1: Try to get help because it will totally cut the time down, however it is possible to do with one person.

Tip 2: Plan for it to take about 3-4 hours...yep you read that right.

Tip 3: Use a cordless drill.  It makes the assembly process so much quicker, just remember to not over-tighten and use a light finger on the trigger.

Tip 4: Watch THIS video on Youtube.  I just kept it open on my phone and followed him as I went because as you know if you've ever purchased furniture from Ikea, there are no words on the directions.  Without words it's a little difficult to figure out which pieces the pictures are talking about.  (His dresser is the black one, but there wasn't any major difference between the white and black.)
Tip 5: This is about color selection.  We purchased the dresser in White Stain because it's a brighter white and the "white" dresser is a creamier white.  So if you are ordering online, make sure to get the correct one.  The white stain dresser does have a slightly unfinished look because it's supposed to look like a stain but I like it.

I don't have any pictures of my assembly process because I was so focused on just getting it done.  I also don't have an after of ours yet because I still have to finish assembling anything that needed to be hammered as I'd already put Bailey to bed when it got to that part.  Hopefully it will be done tonight!

I hope you enjoyed this quick little Ikea tip session, and as always, thanks for stopping by!
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April 22, 2015

Vintage Rustic Nursery: Part 1 The Design

Today I want to share with you our design ideas for Baby Boy's nursery.  When we initially found out we were having a boy, I immediately started scouring Pinterest for ideas to create the perfect nursery for us and him.  I will say, initially it took me forever to figure out where I wanted to go.  We I went through theme after theme (literally from Texan to vintage baseball to all neutral to about a dozen more ideas) but nothing stood out and made me say, "YES!  That's it!"  Until I found this blog post from Living Beautifully...One (DIY) Step at a Time.
Ummm, HELLO!  Is that not the cutest vintage-y rustic nursery you have ever seen!  She did such a great job at creating this space and it is by far the best representation of what I was imagining!

We will actually be using a lot of the items she shared from her nursery.  However, she links a lot to a Canadian store/website (since they are in Canada) and so I have found the exact or similar things available here in the states.  Here is what I have come up with so far for the mood/design.
Vintage Rustic Nursery
1) Milo Glider - Land of Nod
2) Jellycat Woodland Bunny - Nordstrom
3) Leather Moroccan Pouf - Etsy
4) Be Brave Wood Sign - Etsy
5) Sherwin Williams North Star grey
6) Squirrel Nightlight - Urban Outfitters
7) I Love You Beary Much print - Etsy
8) Vilac White Metal Car - Amazon
9) Hemnes 8 Drawer White Dresser - Ikea

If you'll remember from the post starting Bailey's big girl room {here}, she moved into "the pink room" and the nursery is going to be her old room which is currently (and will stay) a light grey.  This post {here} has horrible photos but shows what the grey looks like without as much hot pink bouncing off of it.  This is the exact color from Sherwin Williams called North Star (SW 6246) and it's in an eggshell finish.
Like I've been saying a lot lately, if you follow me on Instagram you'll know that I need some help picking out a crib.  We recently bought the Ikea Sundvik crib, however, after doing some research on assembly I came across some information about the base of the crib bowing in the middle over time and ain't nobody got time for that.  So we will be returning it and purchasing a different one from somewhere else.  If you didn't see or leave a comment on that post PLEASE leave your choice in the comments below because I am so stuck!  Here's that post :)

As you can tell, we are going for a rustic and vintage yet simplistic style.  While I really loved Bailey's super girly hot pink/white/silver nursery with lots of fancy touches, I wanted something manly without being dark and overly detailed this time around.

I hope you enjoyed this nursery inspiration post, and as always, thanks for stopping by!
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April 12, 2015

Bailey's Big Girl Room: In Progress

As most of you know by now, we are expecting our second baby in August and I have chosen to give up my uber girly dressing room to our uber girly 4 year old, Bailey.  Since she is now moving into what we are calling #thepinkroom, we have decided to take this time to create a more big girl space.  So like all of the room redos, here is where we are!

If you follow me on Instagram then you know we have now moved everything but one tall bookshelf and the vanity out of #thepinkroom.  Removing the closet rods from the wall left some hideously large holes, so I have since patched those and hopefully my awesome hubby will get in there soon to touch up the pink paint so we can move in more furniture.

We also shared that we are following Danielle Oakey's post {here} of creating a loft bed from a low bunk bed from Ikea.  So since last week was spring break for us, Bailey and I headed to Ikea and picked up the Mydal bunk bed and the recommended Moshult foam mattress.  Note: the mattress on these beds needs to be no thicker than 5 1/8" thick.
via Danielle Oakey Interiors
We will eventually do a more in depth post on putting the bed together and converting it to the loft bed like Danielle did, but Adam has to do the last step still so I'm waiting on that.  Just to give you an idea though it is a lot of pieces and I highly recommend sorting them out before putting the bed together like this.  And you may want to higher a different helper...Sophie just snored through the whole project.

And here's Adam putting the frame together.  It took about 30 mintues to sort and about an hour to put it together with mostly Adam doing everything by himself.
We have intentions of painting the bed frame like Danielle did but do to time constraints with Adam's work schedule and me being pregnant, it's looking like it will have to stay the raw wood for now.

This is where we have stopped for now, but I'm hoping we'll be able to get some more done over the next couple of weeks while I have a little momentum to get some things done.  In the mean time, here's some of my favorite inspiration for this space!
Source: House of Turquoise
Source: Censational Girl
And of course Danielle's daughters room!

Hope you enjoyed this quick snap shot into our current mess upstairs, and as always, thanks for stopping by!
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April 7, 2015

First Trimester Pregnancy Essentials

By now most of you know that we are expecting our second child.  If you read my personal update a little while back then you also know we had been trying to a while to get pregnant and ended up having to go through a round of fertility treatments.  Because this is our second child, I knew pretty much what to expect and what I would and wouldn't need, but it's always fun to go through the fun of planning and soaking up every step of the way.

So today, I'm going to share all the essentials I needed in my first trimester with both Bailey and this pregnancy.  Enjoy!
First Trimester Essentials

  1. Holmes Ultrasonic Cube Humidifier: This has been a blessing because my skin has been SO dry this pregnancy and this winter and I love how this one is more adult friendly and blends in with the room better than most humidifiers. (I can't find the one we got at Target, but THIS a similar one on Amazon.)
  2. Stretch Mark Cream: This stuff is amazing, all natural, and prevents new while healing old stretch marks!  I never thought I would be able to get rid of the marks I got with my first pregnancy while preventing new ones!!
  3. LG Tablet : This or any electronic reader is definitely a new thing this pregnancy and I have to say I love it!  I can read without needing a lamp or having to hold on to a book and can take it with me to all my doctor's appointments.
  4. Prenatal Vitamins :  I went through 5 brands with Bailey and 3 brands with this baby to find one that didn't make me nauseous so just find the right one that works for you.  
  5. Prenatal Yoga Video : I got one when I was pregnant with Bailey and I love how it really helps take away some of the achiness and "stretching pain".
  6. Maxi Dresses: If you searched for any first trimester essentials list, I guarantee at least 90% of them will have maxi dresses on there.  
  7. Lounge pants: Like maxi dresses, a reason isn't really needed ;)
  8. The Hot Mom to Be Handbook by Jessica Denay (not pictured): Such an easy read and a big boost to make sure you're being the best you that you can be so you can be the best Mama you can be.
  9. Ginger Ale: Saved the best for last...I couldn't live without this stuff in either of these pregnancies.  This and saltines are what I think really got me through the crazy nausea with this baby. 
I hope you enjoyed this pregnancy post because I love sharing this with you!  I'm a researcher and love hearing about what other's have needed during all throughout their pregnancies so let me know in the comments what you can't live without!
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