August 26, 2014

Guest Bath Reno Day 3: Tile, Tile and More Tile!

Today ends day 3 of our guest bath renovation and everything is now starting to come together...and according to my dad aka contractor man we are still on schedule!  Biggest fear when you go to renovate any room for the first time is what will be behind the walls, under the floor and under/behind any fixtures.  We lucked out that it was some simple repairs and my dad was able to handle all the plumbing!

Here's what got done today!

Mud finally dried nicely.
 Shower tile got laid!!!!!!  How gorgeous is that tile!!!  In case you're wondering it's the Interceramic Glazed White Porcelain Wall Tile in the larger scale rectangle (not normal subway tile or the more squared one) from Lowe's.
 I seriously am totally in love with out this came out.  My dad did say it took most of the day to get the wall tile done so if you're planning to do your bathroom and using tile for the shower...plan for a full day of just laying tile.
 We also got our first paint sample on the wall tonight.  We are using Sherwin Williams Alabaster from the entry up the stairs and down the hallway so I wanted to try a slightly different color and had a sample jug of Everyday I'm testing that.
I hope you enjoyed day 3 of our bathroom reno and join us tomorrow for day 4 where we...gotcha!  You'll have to come back tomorrow and see!  And of course, as always, thanks for stopping by!!

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August 25, 2014

Guest Bath Reno Day 2: Walls Go Up!

Yesterday, I showed you the first part of our bathroom reno.  Check that out here!  My amazing dad (Bruce Green Construction) is here completing the project and I'm updating you on the all the steps each night.  Here's what they got done today!

Patched the ceiling in the dining room.
Completed all rough-in plumbing (interior wall plumbling). Hung and taped the drywall.
Installed the hardibacker (the waterproof backing for behind the shower) and applied silicone (100% silicone caulk) to all the joints.
Patched/mudded all the holes and dents.  Retaped the corner where the old tape was peeling away.
They got so done today!  Tomorrow is laying the tile in the shower and on the floor!  If you can't tell from all the exclamation points I am quite excited! :)

I hope you enjoyed day 2 of our guest bath reno and join us tomorrow for day 3, and as always, thanks for stopping by!
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August 24, 2014

Guest Bath Reno Day 1: Demo + Tub

Today is the day!  We have been waiting on this day for almost a we purchased this house 11 months ago.  My dad (owner of Bruce Green Contracting in Tyler, TX) got here today with his carpenter to renovate our guest bath!  They arrived at our house around 11 am and demo was done by 12:30!  Over the next week (because that's how long they will be here) I'll be posting the updates to the bathroom every evening.  Here's what happened today!

In case you didn't's what the bathroom looked like before...
Like I mentioned in the first post for our guest bath {here}, in the picture it doesn't look awful from first glance.  You can read that original post to find out some of the main things wrong with this bathroom...although we have found A LOT more the longer we used it.  

Here's what we they did today:
Vanity, toilet removed.
Shower tile coming down.
Peel and stick flooring coming up.
More shower tile coming down.
The tile did not want to come down.
Notice the rotten spot near the tub :(
Tub is gone!
All the walls demo'd.
Rotted subfloor but NO mold!
Hole in the ceiling looking into the dining room from the water seeping through the overflow drain.
Replaced the shut off valves to the vanity.
Rotten subfloor removed and new wood installed.
New tub and working on the shower plumbing.
Done for the evening.
Don't be scared of demo people!  Sometimes you gotta tear it down to make it beautiful again!
So excited for this project to finally be underway and SO grateful to my awesome daddy for doing it for us!

I hope you enjoyed this reno adventure and join us the rest of the week for next steps in the bathroom, and as always, thanks for stopping by!
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August 19, 2014

How To Easily Make Inexpensive Curtains Look Like Custom Drapes

Today I want to share with you how I make my inexpensive "curtains" look expensive!  This is such an easy and cheap fix that we are doing it in every room of our house where we use curtains.  I looked at so many pins on Pinterest and watched videos on Youtube for how to hang curtains on curtain clips and nothing was exactly what I wanted...and all the "fake pleated" curtains didn't look the way I wanted with the material I had.  This way is so EASY, so QUICK, and looks FABULOUS!  You also get a little sneak peek of the office and command center coming up very soon!
What you need:
  • 2 curtains, sheets, fabric, tablecloths...whatever material you want to use for your curtains per normal size window 
  • 3-4 "curtain panels" per large window
  • curtain clips 
  • curtain rod
1) Measure the width of your curtain/material. In this example, we'll say the "curtain" is 36" wide.

2) Divide the width of the curtain into equal parts. So my sections would be about 6" each. This means I would need 6 curtain clips per "curtain". This totally depends on your preference and how far you want the folds to be (when hung open on the curtain rod).
3) Clip the curtain rings on every measured section. After you have decided the distance between each clip, start clipping the clips right onto the edge of the "curtain".  For the example, I would put a clip at the very beginning of the "curtain" and then every 6" so I would end right at the end of the "curtain".

4) Hang on the curtain rod.  This is a simple step...just hang up on the curtain rod through the rings on the curtain clips.  Remember if it's a regular sized window, you will want one curtain on each side of the window when open.  If it's a large window, you'll want at least 3 (one on each side and one in the middle) but possibly 4 panels.
The link and information on the curtain will be in the office tour coming up this weekend!!!  You can head on up to the subscribe box on the right of this post, enter your email and you'll get notified as soon as it's posted...and every other post for that matter!!

I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial, and as always, thanks for stopping by!
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