October 17, 2015

It's Time For a Change...

My little family has been going through some pretty big changes over the past few months and will continue to go through some changes over the next year...and for the rest of our lives really but some big ones are coming up soon.  Would you like to know about one of them??  Well, I know I'm ready to tell you!
One of those changes is right where you are...this blog!
But first you'll have to wait just a little bit longer...
I can tell you that over the next few weeks we will be transitioning from Blogger to Wordpress which means the URL for the website will change but so will SO MUCH MORE!
I apologize for my continued absence and the upcoming absence, but my dreams for this blog are finally becoming a reality!  I hope you will join us on this journey and we'll see you soon!

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September 25, 2015

Master Bathroom: The Design

If you've visited our blog in the past, then you'll know that I LOVE creating mood boards for the individual spaces we're working on.  Since right now, our main focus is the master bathroom, I thought it was only necessary to create a mood board for this space.  I would like to say though that I have decided to keep both of the upstairs bathrooms similar in style and design to have a better flow in the house.  So you will notice a lot of what is included in our master bath was also included in the guest bath, like the shower tile.
The major differences in the two bathrooms is the accent  colors and scale of the pieces in the rooms.  For example, the floor tile in the guest bath is 6"x24" while the floor tile we will be using in the master bath is 8"x48", however the style and color are identical.  The look of the vanities are also similar and both shades of grey, however the guest bath is a light grey while the master bath is a super dark grey.

I haven't totally decided on specific pieces for the master bath, but I'm really loving where this mood board is going!  Hope you enjoy!

Master Bath Mood Board

Here's the links to most of the items included above...just click on the name :)
Hope you enjoyed this decor adventure and thanks for stopping by!
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September 15, 2015

Master Bath Reno: Part 2

Here we are on day 3 of the master bath reno!  If you remember on my post from yesterday we were trying to decide on tile.  As soon as I published that post, I walked upstairs and we almost immediately decided that although the 4x8 subway tile would be a little more work, it was going to look so much better.  We so made the right choice!
As you can see all the tile is laid up to the natural break of the top of the window.  We originally planned to extend the tile to the ceiling however due to time constraints, we are stopping it there for the time being and going to paint above the tile.  My dad's "helper" as Bailey calls him, pre-cut all the tile we would need to finish though so when we do have time we can easily finish.
The tile, spacing and grout will all be the same as we used in the guest bath.  You can click {here} to find all the sources for that and see more after photos from that renovation.
We have also talked about moving the toilet to the area where this single sink is, but that is looking pretty costly.  For now, we are going to remove this single sink and add a small dresser or vanity to hold towels and bath supplies...we all know how much I love my Lush products!
Tomorrow will be grouting and removing the sink!  I can't wait to see the final product!  Thanks SOOO much to my dad for being so awesome and doing this for us!
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September 14, 2015

Master Bath Reno: Part 1

Welcome!  I'm so excited to finally be sharing this post!  When we bought our house 2 years ago we knew that both of our full bathrooms would need to be renovated.  As you know, we have already completed renovated our guest bathroom.  We started there because the bathtub was leaking during every use through the overflow hole and through the ceiling into the dining room.  Well about 6 months or so ago, our master shower (which was installed by the previous homeowners completely wrong...surprise) started leaking in the dining room also!  We figured out where it was coming from but there was no way to stop it without just ripping it out.  It had also caused some mold to build up behind the shower and onto the subfloor.  Here's where we started...
I posted these pictures on Instagram in June when we ripped out the shower and cut out the molded subfloor.

And here's where it was last night!  The door is out temporarily from the door frame but eventually the door frame will be gone and the wall will stop where the door frame starts.  We couldn't remove it completely because its got an outlet on both sides and a switch inside the shower/toilet area.
 And here's the tub!  It's a Kohler Davinshire from Lowe's and had pretty great reviews.  It's 32" wide so not consider oversized but because the wall where the shower head is protrudes out and ends at 34" we had to keep it under that width.  But it is extra deep which in the end is what matters the most to me anyway!
It's a little hard to see (sorry for the horrible lighting!) but there was not one layer of vinyl flooring but THREE!  Just one more "short cut" they took...
As of right now, we are only doing the shower and tub due to time constraints with my dad's schedule so we will be doing this piece by piece.  However, I have big plans for this area and it's eventually going to look amazing!  We are currently deciding on tile choices but I have to make that decision today because it's going up tomorrow!  Here are our current two choices.

This is the tile we used in the guest bathroom.  It's just slightly larger than standard subway tile and looks phenomenal, but took a while to install because there's so much of it.
Interceramic Glazed White Porcelain Wall Tile 4x8

This is our second choice which is even bigger at 9"x12" and has subtle grey veining in it.

Style Selections Calacatta White Porcelain Wall Tile 9x12

I'm thinking we are going with the second choice, but I'm heading upstairs right after I type this to make the final decision!

Hope you are having a great day and thanks for stopping by!
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