March 8, 2015

Project #closetmerge On The Cheap

For the first time in this pregnancy, I got a burst of energy and motivation to get some things done around the house Monday night (like 3 weeks ago)!  I have been so exhausted/nauseous/drained/unmotivated the last 9-10 weeks that I have really done nothing when I get home from work.  Even cooking has taken a back burner (sorry for the corny pun) because being up that long around food made sick to where I didn't want to eat.  I'm hoping that because I entered the second trimester last week, I'm starting to be in the clear of all the wonderfully awful first trimester symptoms.

Anywho, I wanted to share with y'all what I've been up to!  Most of you know that I have/had a dressing room which I have since decided to give up to make room for a full nursery.  The decision actually wasn't easy because the original plan was for the baby to share the guest room, but I finally decided that eventually sharing the guest room wouldn't work as baby B #2 gets bigger and will need his/her own room.  This means that my husband and I will have to once again for the first time in 2 years share a closet in our master.  (Yes, say a prayer for us haha!)  Since we find out the sex in March, I wanted to get to work on the merging of our two fashion worlds...  UPDATE: We have also decided to let Bailey, the big sister, have what we now call "the pink room".  She's always wanted it and has been such a helper through my pregnancy that we think she has definitely earned it.

Here's a peek into "the pink room".
Step one was of course clearing out our master closet because it was FULL of my husband's stuff.  Literally, you couldn't see the floor minus the little part to step into the closet.  Because he is on a weight loss journey, we decided to just box up and store his clothes that are a size or 2 too small in the guest room walk-in closet.
 This closet (and now room) is in total shambles too until we find out the sex of the baby so we know what to do with all of the boxes of baby girl clothes we saved from Bailey.
Once I had narrowed down his closet, I (with the help of Elsa aka Bailey) moved a shoe shelf and all my shoes to the master closet.  I had to borrow some of the shelves from the other shoe shelf (I had 2 in my dressing room) to allow for enough storage in one cabinet for all my shoes.  My athletic shoes are on a different shelf under Adam's clothes.
I also moved the over-the-door shoe hanger for all my sandals.  This just works so perfectly when you are tight on space that I decided to just keep it as is.
Then it was time to move in clothes.  I have been going through my entire wardrobe to sort into keep, donate, and toss so that when the move came I would have enough room.  I just simply brought all the shirts and dresses in and hung them on the rod.
Once they were hung, I had my wonderful husband bring in my dresser.  Adding this plus the shoe shelf really transformed this closet!
About a week before I had started actually working on this project, I went to Home Goods and purchased 5 packs of black velvet hangers.  These things are seriously worth every penny!  They keep all your clothes hung with sliding and take up a fraction of the space!
Please note: I forgot about taking pictures in the beginning of changing everything because I was so motivated to actually get up and do stuff and this was all done around 8-9 at night so the picture quality isn't wonderful.  Sorry bout that...

Hope y'all enjoyed this easy yet pretty big organizational project and as always thanks for stopping by!  PS I'll be updating again once we are finished with everything hopefully in the next two weeks!
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February 5, 2015

DIY Framed Chalkboard Wall

When we first saw our house, I immediately began envisioning things I would do in each of the rooms.  One room on our must have list was a breakfast nook.  I'm not sure why, but I have always dreamed of having a little area off the kitchen that was less formal than the dining room to eat breakfast (obviously), do homework with our kids (presuming at the time I would have at least 3 children haha), and just a nice hang out spot to gather without being stuffed in the kitchen.  And this house had just that with a 2 side by side windows looking into our's quite lovely.  It also has this one wall that I knew would be perfect for a chalkboard, which is what we did!
Instead of building a chalkboard and then hanging it, I decided to tape it off and paint directly onto the wall.  This would not be that hard IF you had straight eyes (I can't hang something straight to save my life and didn't have a level the day I decided to do this) and you painted the chalkboard paint AFTER you painted the rest of the walls.  I however hadn't decided on a paint color for that area and had already started/finished painting the chalkboard wall in the bar so I didn't want to dirty up another roller or pan and just went for it.  I would have a picture inserted [HERE] however it has disappeared from my hard drive...

Initially I wasn't planning to add trim around the chalkboard, but once it was all done and I realized that it was slightly crooked and I didn't like the jagged edges of the paint from the textured wall I decided it needed to be "framed".  So here's how it goes!

  • 3 pieces of 1x2 straight as you can get find
  • Minwax stain in Early American
  • Minwax Finishing Wax Paste
  • Lint free cloths 
  • Size 6 finishing nails (they only come in a 1 lbs. box)
Step 1:
Paint your chalkboard.

Step 2:
Measure the area you painted and decide which boards are going to be on the outside.  For ours, the long (vertical) sides are on the outside and the short (horizontal) sides are on the inside.  We didn't do any mitered corners to make it look less polished and more farmhouse.

Step 3:
Cut your 1x2 boards to the length you need.

Step 4:
Lightly sand to remove any splinters and then rub the stain onto the boards.  I let the stain sit for about an hour before rubbing on another layer.  I didn't rub it back off with a clean cloth though because it was the perfect color for us.

Step 5:
Let it dry then rub on the Finishing Wax.  Let that dry.
Step 6:
Once dry (you'll need at least 2 sets of hands for this part), place the boards around in the order you want them.  Again we didn't do corner cuts so our boards fit inside/against each other.

Step 7:
Take your finishing nails and hammer them into the boards.  We used 3 nails on the short boards, and 4 on the long ones.  This is why you want your boards to be as straight as possible, because they will bow away from the wall a little.

Minwax makes a filler that matches their stains you can use to fill the holes.  But because the finishing nails have no heads they aren't super noticeable in the boards so we decided to skip this step for now.  It just adds a little more rustic character :)

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY, and as always, thanks for stoppin by!
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January 5, 2015

Organized Drink Station

Before our family got here for the holidays, I decided to do a quick bit of organization in an area that gets hit a lot during these times...our drink station.  This includes our Keurig, coffee, coffee cups, travel mugs, teas, Emergen-C, Kool-Aid packets, and stuff for cider.  Pretty much everything you need to make drinks/coffee except things that have to stay cold obviously.

Here's the before.  I had actually started this before I realized that I wasn't taking pictures :)
I removed everything from the cabinet and wiped the shelves down with a Clorox wipe.  Then I went through all our drink mixes and teas to check the dates...sadly I don't know when the last time I did this was because some had expired in 2011!  We also decided to give away our set of white mugs.

Here's how each shelf turned out starting from the top.

Top Left: Extra coffee and seasonal mugs
Top Right: Spare Mason Jars and a milk frother (rarely used).  I use these for all sorts of things so I like to keep them altogether.
Middle Left:  This shelf is taller than the others so I keep our travel mugs and tall Christmas mug here.  In the middle of the entire shelf, you can see our coffee grinder.
Middle Right:  Cold drink mixes and the only box of tea left.
Bottom Left:  Daily use mugs.
Bottom Right: Hot drink mixes, Emergen-C (which reminds me I need to drink one today), sugar shaker (clear glass) and cinnamon-sugar mix shaker (steel).
We have lived with this set up for a few weeks and here's what it looks like now.  Almost identical!  Biggest change is Bailey's mugs have moved to the middle shelf because she's been using them more often for hot chocolate because it's actually been cold in Houston.  :)

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of organization and maybe it'll spark some New Year's organization in you too!  I'm all up for quick organizational tasks and would love to hear what your favorites are you have done in your house!  Who knows, that might be our next project!

And as always, thanks for stopping by!
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December 18, 2014

DIY No Sew Black Out Curtains

Today I want to share a SUPER simple DIY that we did in less than 40 minutes in our master bedroom.  My husband and I both agreed we wanted black out curtains in our master.  However, we I could not find pre-made black out curtains that we I liked.  Most of them were stiff and well cheap looking even when they were super expensive.  So who ya gonna call when you have a design dilemma?  Meme Buster!  (Sorry for the cheesey joke there.)

As we were talking she mentioned just buying black out material and cutting it to match the length of the curtains I like.  Genius!  So that's what I did and let me tell you...this could not have been more cost efficient and simple!

  • Curtains you love (number you need will depend on how many windows and how long the windows are...ours are standard size and we have 2 so I have 4 curtains total)
  • Black out material (again amount depends on number of curtains you need)
    • To calculate the amount of material per curtain you need to know the length of each curtain.  The material is already the same width so once you know the length of the curtain, multiply that number times the number of curtains you need (4 for us) then that's how much black out material you'll need to have cut from the bolt.
  • Curtain rod(s)
  • Curtain rings/clips (again depends on how many/how long your windows are)
  • Scissors
  • LARGE Flat surface for cutting
Step 1:
Purchase all your supplies.  The hardest part is finding the perfect curtains.

Step 2: 
Unroll the black out material.  Pull out enough that you think will be longer than the curtain.
Step 3:
Place your curtain on top of the black out material and match the bottom corners.  You'll see here how it's the perfect width already.
Step 4:
Cut the black out material along the edge of the curtain to make them the same length.  The scissors will just slide through the fabric like butter.  You do not need to hem the black out material because it doesn't fray.

Step 4:
Decide how far apart you want your clips and start clipping them on.  Easiest way to do this is place one clip in the center and take them out from there.  We eyeballed about 5" apart but you could use a ruler or tape measure for this part like I did in my last DIY curtain tutorial.

Step 4a:
As you notice we had 2 types of curtain rings.  One the clip was attached to the ring and you slide the whole thing on after you've clipped.  The second the clip hooks onto the ring after you have hung up the rod.  They both work well and I don't really have a preference one over the other.
Step 5:
Slide the curtain rings onto the curtain rod and hang in the brackets.

That's it!!  So simple and didn't cost me but about $60 (including the cost of the curtains!) to do all 4 curtains!

I hope you enjoyed this DIY, and as always, thanks for stopping by!

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