August 28, 2014

Guest Bath Reno Day 5: By George, We Have a Bathroom!

Today was the last day of work for my dad and his employee which means the majority of the work is done!!  So again to recap, check {here} for day 1, check {here} for day 2, check {here} for day 3, and check {here} for day 4.

Here's what they did today!
We have a toilet!  The actual lid for the toilet is one with a magnetic child's seat "inside" the lid.  
 Since we removed the mirrored medicine cabinet, I asked my dad to create a little inset shelf instead.  Still need to paint the plywood backing. :)  He also got the light fixture in that I love!  Find that {here}!
 And we have a door!  We chose a 6 panel door that matches the door to our master and the one I want to change all the other upstairs doors too.
 Shower head, tub faucet, and handle put on...all the hardware in here is in polished chrome :)  This was actually a tub and shower trim kit by Moen that we got at Lowe's.  We chose Moen because the interior plumbing for the shower/tub was already Moen and it just made everything a little easier.
 Grout done on the floor.
 In love with the beautiful vanity and all the shiny chrome hardware!  Here are the vanity and faucet (both from Home Depot)!  I will tell you that the vanity is hard to find now so if you want it go get it now!  We had to go to 2 stores and only one had one left and they aren't available online anymore :(
 Awww...clean :)
 My favorite feature of this vanity is the 3 drawers...perfect for a guest bath!
 My dad did have to make a minor adjustment to this cabinet for our bathroom.  The white pads on that shelf were for tracks for another rolling drawer INSIDE the cabinet but because of our plumbing we had to remove that shelf and cut a small section out of the interior shelf.  It's totally not noticeable from the outside though and is still usable for extra bath products, toilet paper, etc.
 Fixed some spots on the the bathroom ceiling.  Still need to paint the ceiling.
 Finished the top of the shower tile...still needs to be cleaned up and painted.
And matched the texture of the dining room ceiling!  
They seriously knocked this one out of the park!  I am so happy with how everything looks and can't wait to get in there tomorrow to finish painting and cleaning up a few spots.  If you need any work in East Texas, let me know and I'll send you my dad's info!  You won't regret it!

I hope you enjoyed day 5 of the guest bathroom reno and join in tomorrow evening for the next update!  And as always, thanks for stopping by!
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August 27, 2014

Guest Bath Reno Day 4: We Have Floor!

Today marks day 4 out of our 6 day guest bath renovation!  Day 1 was demo and adding the toilet {here}, Day 2 was patching the dining room ceiling and putting up the bathroom walls {here}, Day 3 was tiling the shower and starting the mud on the walls {here} and today we finally have our floor tile laid!

Here is what happened today.

Walls got sanded and textured with mud in a light tuscan drag.
 Shower tile border was laid.
 Wall tiles were grouted and washed with sanded grout in Silver (from Lowe's).  Tip: For the wall tile, you need the 25 lbs bag of grout.
 Floor tiles were laid!  The floor tiles we used are the Style Selections Natural Timber Cinnamon Glazed Porcelain Indoor/Outdoor Floor Tile.  Then the floors were grouted this evening by me and dad!  We make a pretty good team believe it or not :)  We used sanded grout in Chamois a light brown color (from Lowe's).  Tip: For the floor tile (in a space about the same size), we only needed the 10 lbs bag of grout.
 After grouting any of the tile areas, you will need a sponge to wipe the grouted tile clean...rinse and repeat...then dump the water outside (NOT down a drain), refill with clean water and keep wiping and repeat getting more clean water until your water stays clear after wiping the tile.  TIP: Wipe across the grout lines and not down them :)
I hope you enjoyed today's bathroom update and join us tomorrow we're we add...gotcha again!  come back tomorrow to find out and as always, thanks for stopping by!
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August 26, 2014

Guest Bath Reno Day 3: Tile, Tile and More Tile!

Today ends day 3 of our guest bath renovation and everything is now starting to come together...and according to my dad aka contractor man we are still on schedule!  Biggest fear when you go to renovate any room for the first time is what will be behind the walls, under the floor and under/behind any fixtures.  We lucked out that it was some simple repairs and my dad was able to handle all the plumbing!

Here's what got done today!

Mud finally dried nicely.
 Shower tile got laid!!!!!!  How gorgeous is that tile!!!  In case you're wondering it's the Interceramic Glazed White Porcelain Wall Tile in the larger scale rectangle (not normal subway tile or the more squared one) from Lowe's.
 I seriously am totally in love with out this came out.  My dad did say it took most of the day to get the wall tile done so if you're planning to do your bathroom and using tile for the shower...plan for a full day of just laying tile.
 We also got our first paint sample on the wall tonight.  We are using Sherwin Williams Alabaster from the entry up the stairs and down the hallway so I wanted to try a slightly different color and had a sample jug of Everyday I'm testing that.
I hope you enjoyed day 3 of our bathroom reno and join us tomorrow for day 4 where we...gotcha!  You'll have to come back tomorrow and see!  And of course, as always, thanks for stopping by!!

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August 25, 2014

Guest Bath Reno Day 2: Walls Go Up!

Yesterday, I showed you the first part of our bathroom reno.  Check that out here!  My amazing dad (Bruce Green Construction) is here completing the project and I'm updating you on the all the steps each night.  Here's what they got done today!

Patched the ceiling in the dining room.
Completed all rough-in plumbing (interior wall plumbling). Hung and taped the drywall.
Installed the hardibacker (the waterproof backing for behind the shower) and applied silicone (100% silicone caulk) to all the joints.
Patched/mudded all the holes and dents.  Retaped the corner where the old tape was peeling away.
They got so done today!  Tomorrow is laying the tile in the shower and on the floor!  If you can't tell from all the exclamation points I am quite excited! :)

I hope you enjoyed day 2 of our guest bath reno and join us tomorrow for day 3, and as always, thanks for stopping by!
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